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Our Services


Summit Pro Services provides two core areas of service:

1.  Software integration and custom software development.

2. support.


Software integration and custom software development

Today's online environment is largely cloud-based. Organizations and businesses of all types are gaining access to a broad range of tools and services online. Yet, it is rare for any single solution to be a perfect fit. The solution to this is to use more than one online service to meet your organizations needs. Summit supports this approach by integrating client's various online solutions. This is often critical as it eliminates the need for manual data management and associated data corruption, does away with multiple log ins for members and staff, can automate time consuming manual business processes, et cetera.  

Of course, there are times when there are no adequate solutions available to meet your specific business requirements. When this is the case, Summit can work with you to design custom solutions to meet your specific needs.


Member Management Services &

Professional associations and member management organizations form a large portion of Summit's client base. To assist and support this type of organization, Summit has specialized in the industry leading AMS platform -  

Summit provides a full range of support across all aspects of the platform, allowing you to take full advantage of all that this integrated membership management solution provides. Services include:

  • Database Setup, Transfer, and Support
  • Membership Setup
  • Web Content Transfer
  • Content Management
  • Invoicing and Accounting Setup
  • Conference Management
  • Strategic audience and experience path analysis, etc.

Customizable service agreements are available to provide the support you need within your organization to achieve optimal results from the platform.

We also offer additional services to help you expand and grow your organization, including

  • Design and Brand Reviews (consistency and integration across all communications channels email and newsletter templates, auto-responders, et cetera)
  • Dues Invoicing, Online Store, Online Donations, Marketing and Data Analytics
  • Executive Reporting Services
  • Revenue Generation (ad management cross web and newsletter channels, affiliate programs, vendor integration, et cetera)
  • Data Integration with other services and platforms


Free Initial Consultation

To insure you allocate your resources in the most effective way possible, we provide a "no strings attached” free consultation. The consultation includes a review of your goals and analysis of your data and/or website. We then provide specific feedback and recommendations along with clearly defined options and costs to help you make the best decisions for your organization.

If you are a client or are considering moving to and have need of assistance in any area, we can help.

Click here to get in contact with us. We look forward to working with you!


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